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If you've been searching for a luxury vehicle that combines power, prestige, and progressive design -- it's only natural that Audi has caught your attention. From race-inspired sport coupes and sleek sedans to capable crossovers and SUVs -- we're sure the extensive Audi model lineup has what you're looking for. The issue today is that your "Perfect Audi" may not be in inventory right now due to interruptions in the global automotive supply chain.

If you've been having trouble finding the Audi model that's equipped to your exact specifications, Sewickley Audi wants to introduce you to the perfect solution to your dilemma. Custom ordering a vehicle is the ultimate way to get behind the wheel of the exact Audi you've been looking for. Our team is standing by to help you navigate two great choices for ensuring you get the Audi you really want.

Audi Brand Specialist

Configure Your Audi or Reserve Incoming Inventory

The first option is to begin the custom ordering process by visiting us here at the dealership and speaking with one of our Audi sales professionals. This way, you'll have the freedom to individually choose the exterior color, wheel design, upholstery materials, technology features, and much more through the Audi custom ordering process. Regardless if you're starting from a blank canvas or if you've already built your dream vehicle on AudiUSA.com -- Sewickley Audi will guide you through the custom ordering process from start to finish.

Your second choice is to review our pipeline of incoming inventory with one of our sales professionals to locate a vehicle that suits your needs which is already en route to the dealership. While it might not be the exact vehicle you would have ordered yourself, because it is already in transit to the dealership, this option can save weeks or sometimes months of waiting.

Audi Assembly Line

Normal Audi Inventory Levels May Not Return Until 2023

With the conflict in Ukraine shuttering some key Audi suppliers, an already strained Audi supply chain has been strained even further.  This has resulted in an unprecedented shortage of Audi vehicles which is not expected to return to normal anytime soon. The current belief is that we may not have our "normal" amount of inventory to choose from until sometime in mid to late 2023. Due to these shortages, several of our inbound vehicles are already reserved by customers patiently awaiting the arrival of their new Audi.

This is why our recommendation is that you meet with one of our sales professionals to either configure and order the exact vehicle you want or reserve inventory that's in transit to the dealership. This will help guarantee your position within the queue.

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